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"Likes and Dislikes" Kanata

LB/W06-029 SR
  • : Character
  • : Green
  • : 1
  • : 0
  • : 0
  • : 4500
  • : 1
  • :
    Class Rep 《委員長
    Twins 《双子

【A】[Put this card to REST]When this card is placed on the stage from hand, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose 1 of your back row 《委員長》 or 《ビー玉》 characters, put to STAND.
【A】ENCORE [Discard 1 Character to Waiting Room from hand] (When this card placed into the waiting room from stage, you may pay this cost. If you do, return this card in REST to its previous slot)

【自】 アンコール [手札のキャラを1枚控え室に置く] (このカードが舞台から控え室に置かれた時、あなたはコストを払ってよい。そうしたら、このカードがいた枠にレストして置く)

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