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湖の騎士 シャマル
Knight of Lake Shamal

NA/W12-080 R
  • : Character
  • : Blue
  • : 1
  • : 0
  • : 0
  • : 3000
  • : 1
  • :
    Magic 《魔法

【C】All your other Characters with 「シグナム」 in its name gets +500 Power.
【A】When 「癒しの力」 is placed into your Climax slot, place the top 3 cards of your deck nto Waiting Room. If all of the cards are 《魔法》 Characters, place the top card of your Clock into Waiting Room.
【S】[Put this card to REST]Choose 1 of your Characters with 「ヴィータ」 in its name, during this turn, it gets +1 Soul.