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In The Middle Of Cooking Anzu

DC/W09-092 C
  • : Character
  • : Blue
  • : 2
  • : 1
  • : 1
  • : 4500
  • : 1
  • :
    Magic 《魔法
    Theater 《演劇

【A】All your other Characters with 「【A】 ENCORE [Put 1 card to Waiting Room from hand]」 gets +1000 Power.
【A】When this card comes to Stage from hand, reveal the top card of your Deck. If that card is a 《演劇》 Character, put that card into your hand, then choose 1 card from hand, put into Waiting Room. (If its not, return that card to its original position)

【自】他のあなたの「【自】 アンコール [手札のキャラを1枚控え室に置く]」を持つキャラすべてに、パワーを+1000。